Flip flops all day everyday :) went shopping with M today and we got broke at Aeropostale and Forever 21 haha #hawaii #shopaholic #aeropostale

Flip flops all day everyday :) went shopping with M today and we got broke at Aeropostale and Forever 21 haha #hawaii #shopaholic #aeropostale


today i learned it’s possible to get part of your boobs sunburned lol good day, good day.

so i went to North Shore for the first time today, and anyone who’s visited or lived in Oahu knows this place is a big deal. it’s an even bigger deal that i haven’t been there after a year of college here SO… yeah. i was really tempted not to go because i’m not a huge beach person to begin with and waking up for it at 5AM is just a big fat NO.

i ended up going because from experience last year, i know that everyone’s just going to get super busy with their lives and we won’t have many more chances to hangout, let alone an opportunity to go all the way to North Shore. 

it was reaaaaalllllly fun! i wish i had seen turtles, but i saw a ton of lovely fish and swam/snorkeled for around two or three hours. we topped the day off with really good shave ice afterwards :)

on the ride back, i planned to talk to my chilean friend but i fell asleep. but whatever, i ended up talking to him for basically the rest of my day while i was out shopping too. along with denissa, i’m really thankful for him too. he’s been a really positive influence on me lately because of the stories he has to tell and how he’s overcame those obstacles. in return i listen to him and help him with his current major concern in life which i happen to have experience with lol i just hope that he gets just as much out of the relationship we’re building.

i ended the night with a skype call with my parents before my dad goes off to a business trip… so yeah. today’s been a pretty awesome day, but i’m so exhausted. i think i’m sore from walking around and swimming…. lol so out of shape. I love my bed. I love sleeeeeeeep!!!


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i’m sure you can figure this one out on your own :)


so glad to be back in hawaii! ~ international life ~

i feel so unbelievably relieved and excited. it wasn’t exactly a smooth journey traveling back but now that i’m settled and (BARELY) survived my first day of school, i’m content. 

there’s a sense of sanity that i can only get in hawaii because it’s not guam and it’s not shanghai either. hawaii is my present, and it’s exactly where i belong as of 2014. so that’s where relief falls in. revisiting past “homes” and reuniting with loved ones can be so fun until it gets exhausting. 

yesterday (first day), i landed two hours before my first class, checked in my dorm, and ran off to class. the campus is small enough that i ran into several people i knew, and everyone told me i’m crazy - spending my last two days of summer dodging transfer flights around asia.

but that’s the international life, and i absolutely fucking love it. 

one thing i’d never ever give up is international life, and i can never thank my dad enough for starting and helping me continue my international journey. 

i’m excited about this year because it’s going to be a huge defining year in how the next few years of my life plays out. it’s going to be super stressful and i’ll probably have a ton of breakdowns over school and figuring out my future, but hopefully the outcomes will be satisfying. i want more than anything to continue living abroad in a greater diversity of places. 


i’m exhausted, i’m done. summer 2014 needs to be over hahaha

ahhhh, august has been one hell of a crazy, fun month. taiwan and shanghai has been full of great adventures, but i’m really exhausted. i’m forever an introvert… it’s been nice spending endless time with relatives and friends but i just want to hibernate HAHA. since july (aka my guam chapter) ended, i’ve been out every single day, and the past week has been full of consecutive goodbyes for summer 2014. super bittersweet, but i’ll get to see some of them during winter break in just 4-5 months :) i just hate how distance forces all of us to fit so many activities into our limited amount of time together. i mean, i can’t express how awesome reunions are, but right now, i also don’t think anyone understands just how exhausted i am. i’ve basically had no “me time” this entire august yet and i’m someone who really needs my personal space/alone time every once in awhile so yeah, for the millionth time, i’m so exhausted (in a good way though). just a few more days till i’m back in hawaii….. 


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Queen B & Chuck Bassss

It’s so weird seeing them in real life married/together with other people…. Blair and Chuck were casted so fricken well. They played their characters so well……. ahhhhh!!! favorite tv couple everrrrr.

tbh if they were a real life couple, i highly doubt they would ever have gotten married with all the ridiculous drama they put each other through… but i also wonder how much the ratings of gossip girl would’ve dropped if the writers hadn’t made chuck and blair married in the end. 


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Anonymous said: what tv shows do you watch?

gossip girl, game of thrones, the big bang theory, new girl, FRIENDS, how i met your mother, modern family, awkward, the mindy project, scrubs, cougar town, rules of engagement, glee, pretty little liars, the carrie diaries, frasier, community, two and a half men, etc.

some anime, kdrama, and taiwanese drama here and there. 

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